Sunday, April 1, 2007

625 fortune street reunion dance

Hello my name is Deborah Robert,I do realize this is a Verdun Site but many view this site who may of at onetime hung in the point st charles.If you did and attended dances at 625 Fortune street we are holding a reunion,it was then known as grace church,new name Share the Warmth.The Reunion is for those days back in late 60's and early 70's.The proceeds will benefit new owners Share the Warmth,to help with the multiple services they offer and programs to the Point St Charles residents and surrounding area's.It will be held April 21,at 7pm.The donation is $10.00 per person.A low cash bar on site,A live band called Midnight Blue will supply the nights entertainment,with motown and music from those days..Lots of door prizes and spotlight dances,refreshments will also be served at around 11pm.All tickets are in advance by contacting myself  Deborah Robert  commitee member  or Share the Warmth at 514-933-5599 via Debby Gunn.Please understand our capacity is 280 ,tickets are first come first bases in advance.So if you spent some of your youth,and would like to rekindle some old friendships,please join us.thank you Deborah

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