Friday, March 16, 2007


Hi there from south Florida,
Killer bees have finally arrived. I've been hearing about them for yrs.and they have found 3 hives sofar.One huge one with about 10,000 yesterday right near a daycare center. They have attacked 2 people and a dog so far.The dog almost didn't make it. They are heading north, but you probably wont see them for a long time. Just giving you'll a heads up.Ha, Ha


shirleybh2 MSN said...

I hope that today there are at least 10,000 less just the thought of it makes me ill.

edbro68 MSN said...

The killer bees are of African origin. They can't take the norhern climate. They say it will be 50 years before they can adapt to it and by then they will have become more americanized.                            Ed

wendythepool MSN said...

Yes there are 10,000 less.The firedepartment went in and sprayed them with this heavy duty foam and killed them.I hope they can't make it north.I know scientists were breeding African bees in south America with regular bees and then just released them yrs. ago so they have been migrating north.