Tuesday, February 6, 2007

William Shatner Again

No news from his Fan Club site. I along with others have emailed the fan club with getting any reply. I'm not to impressed. It reinforces my belief that he could never have attended VHS. No ex VHS student would refuse to recognize his ROOTS..............LOL


Our Bill breaks a leg

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William Shatner gets his due.

Montreal’s own William Shatner was making headlines for his acting chops 50 years ago this month. According to the online Canadian Encyclopedia, it was the year of his big break, “when he replaced Christopher Plummer on three hours’ notice in the role of Henry V, after Plummer was hospitalized.” (Plummer — who grew up in Montreal, attending the High School of Montreal — now called MIND High FACE, an arts-intensive public school (thanks for the correction, Kate M) — and learned his craft here, had made his big splash two years before in New York.)

You’ve got to hand it to him: he did very well for himself over the years — a Golden Globe award, a couple of Emmys (as well as three Emmy nominations in ‘06), plus his induction into the Television Hall of Fame. And he’s still going strong.

This Canadian Press item comes from the Montreal Herald, Wednesday, August 1, 1956.

His co-recipient of a 1956 Guthrie Award, Marie Day, is the daughter of a former Toronto mayor. She won for costume design. She is also a published author of children’s fiction.

Fittingly, the man who handed out the awards — Vincent Massey, who was the first Canadian-born vice-regal (i.e., the ceremonial representative of the British monarch to Canada) — just happened to be the brother of Raymond Massey, one of Canada’s greatest movie stars.

Tyrone Guthrie (after whom the award was named) was a pretty interesting chap, too. A legend of the British stage, he accepted an unlikely posting to Canada and helped build the Stratford festival into one of the world’s great Shakespearean attractions.

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guy5479 MSN said...

Vincent and Raymond Massey are related to the Massey Ferguson Tractor Co. who used to make tractors at thei plant in Winnipeg. It would be intersesting to know what happened to that factory. Guy

maggiemck MSN said...

I think that VHS is such an honoured institution that some people will claim to have gone there just for the prestige! What do you think?

winnie3ave MSN said...

Maggie. You could be right. Also I am guessing that a lot of people, especially "The Trekkies" proably try to get a response from him thru an e-mail. I know one thing, and I am sure we all do...the guy never stops. Works 10-12-14 hours a day on the TV show, then is off Friday night to some part of the country(world) doing some more stuff Saturday and Sunday, and then back to work on Monday. The guy is amazing!!!! I am getting tired and headachy just thinking about it!!!!

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les__f MSN said...

Yes MaggieMck,....if I didn't want to go to Hell,......I'd wish I went to VHS too ........hahahahahahah   Don't worry MaggieMck ,....I don't believe in the RC's either,....and I am one..........hahahahahahha  I've always said ,if I get real worried about the mystic (code for BS) I'll just have a Death Bed Conversion,.......and by their own rules I get to go to the front of the Q..........................hahahahahahah   Always liked the saying ,."who are they ,to Question,why their God,..made Me a Non-Believer".............hahahahhahah   Sorry bout that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ok ,pass thoe Bolts back over........hahahahha

happydi2 MSN said...

Here are the bolts!!!!    Dianne