Sunday, February 4, 2007

the laidlaws

Does anyone know Joan Laidlaw? she used to live near the corner of  verdun and 4th ave. Know of her where about?


annm MSN said...

HI I remember the Laidlaws from 4th avenue. I know that JOhn and Eileen ( the Parents) have passed away really nice people. Lorraine married in the early 80's I think but don't know what happened to Joan. I have a picture of Joan and her husband from the Messenger and I will try and track her down I don't think that I ever had her number but I might know someone that has it. Will give it a try A Mundey

papa3times MSN said...

I remember Joan Laidlaw. I lived at 730-4th avenue and she lived down the street. She was friendly with Lorraine Driscoll and Valerie Brewer but I lost track of all of them many years ago. This is sort of why I joined VC to try to reconnect with old friends