Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Hole

Anybody else out there remember the Hole, our gang hung around there in the early 60's  thought it was only ours ha ha.  It was like our private place.  Just past the Nat. a small dip in the lawn and some bushes to keep us a little private.  It was a hot spot to make out (right Wendy) and to sneak a smoke. If you had a portable radio you could even dance.
  Funny never knew that my little sister hung out there also a decade later.


johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

first time i ever heard of the hole...My area it was  behind the Old Stone House where one use to go smoke and whatever.

wendythepool MSN said...

Hi Glo,
If you only knew!LOL

gloworm138 MSN said...

Hey Wendy,  I didn't have to know all comes out eventually ay??? How is sunny Fla. today.  We were all happy because it went abouve zero and the sun was out.  Put a chair in the snow bank and sat out for a couple of hours.  Oh us tough Canuks.  It was beautiful, snow white, blue sky,  see what you are missing.   Glo

wendythepool MSN said...

Hey Glo,beautiful day in Fla. high of 73, a little cloudy, but we can deal with that. I must admit, I do miss the snow occasionially.My kids have never seen snow, and want to see it badly. I may be going to Vt.within the next 2 wks. but by myself. Too bad for the kids. There's always next yr.

dzldawg1 MSN said...

I remember the hole, hung around there in the late sixties and early seventies, remember the three hobos who lived by the water and drank that cheap wine St Georges, their names were Benny, Tiny and Skipper. Also remember "the tree" and the "Red top" any body remember the club that hung out at the tree called "Dooms Return"? there was one more spot there on the East side of the Nat but I don't recall the name people called it

rainy day man MSN said...

the hole...     i think i've been there..     somehow though the memory is foggy..   LOL

kitsch2 MSN said...

I remember the Hole. I also remember Benny, Tiny and Skipper. They also made the rounds at the pool hall, the Monument, Atwater Park and I'm sure many other hangouts.
My hangouts were more the Monument, the Pit, the Rec. If there were others, my memory fails me yet again.
Fun, foggy times.