Thursday, February 1, 2007

Just Wonderful Reflections !

  Good Evening Everyone !
        Sometimes I reflect in the past, and think of all the wonderful times spent in School, I did not like it too much back then, but we really had it good ! If only we  could  go back  just for a little while ? No headaches, fancy free days, the homework load was not as heavy as it is today ! I see it with my daughter, we hardly had any compared to today  and she is graduating this year Oie Vey !
        Verdun was really a fantastic place to grow up in the sixties, and seventies, it will always hold a wonderful  warm spot in my heart, and memory banks as I am sure it does to a lot of Past Verdunites and still present!
        I am sure I am not the only one out there that is for sure. I can still smell  the hallways, and classrooms still to this day of Banantyne School, the Verdun Annexe, and last but not least Verdun High School !
       I at least go to Verdun every second week, and walk around from Ethel Street ( Where my Grandmother use to live, at 3586 Ethel ) right up to the end of Wellington, and then on other occasions , I do Verdun Avenue , or Banantyne, or walk down Champlain )
      I myself use to live at 3971 Lesage Street , and you can see all the changes as the years go by,  the next generation will see something else.
       It really does feel good to walk, and look around and reflect back !
      Great Memories to hold in our hearts till we grow cold !  Awww, what can I    say ???
       Sweet_N_Gorgeous Anna  


les__f MSN said...

Very Well Said Anna................................................................I Concur

biking2006 MSN said...

Anna do you remember the Smalls and Coopers on Ethel Street? Lovely
email thanks.
Bill Cooper

sweet_n_gorgeous_anna MSN said...

  Hey Bill Cooper !              You know maybe we passsed each  other  by who knows? I use to take the bus from Banantyne School on Friday afternoons  to get to my grandparent's house on Ethel, boy did I feel privileged to have that ride on that  bus oh yes ! The buses would line up in three's just outside Banantyne School and we would get on when the monitor would tell us ! What address did you live at and what years did you live there ? I was there in the sixties, and seventies.             Maybe we played together who knows, I do know this, that there was the Rochefort Family on  Ethel, Believe it or not Ernie Loiselle  lived across the opposite street, and also the Lynns as well , maybe the names are familiar to you , Lynn Loiselle, Ernie and I think they might of been a bigger Family . He may or may not remember me or my sister Ellen, but we did occaisonally play with them,they usually hung around with the Lynns ( Doreen , Billy, Kathleen ) and the Rocheforts ( Gail, Linda, and Margaret ). I do see Ernie's name come up on Verdun Connections. If he reads this  "Hello Ernie "             Also worth mentioning above my Grandparent's place , there lived  an  Artist called John Williams who always rode a bike everywhere he went, he had black and silver hair with a beard  typical artist in those days, he made it big in Montreal, we knew him, and he even sketched us, he always chatted with my Grandmother. I always remember his house smelled of oil paints, and did he have paintings! ( beautiful I might add ! )   ,       Did you know the Herrons ( Sandy, Billy, one more brother, and sister whom I cannot remember the names right now )         Did you know the Sauve's ?   ( Ross, Faye ?)   Their father Ted had  the Diamond'  store down the lane where they had  best  Popsicles in Coke, Seven-up, Orange , Cherry, the big think round ones , and the best comic stands, with magazine's  galore I shall never forget " Rona Barrett's Hollywood"and "Teen Beat" .  ( We would call the store " Sauve's "because we played with the Sauves)          Did you know the Woodcocks ? They had the Candy Store across Ethel from the Parking lot,  The Mother's name was Rita Woodcock ,she had two daughters , I think one was called Marlene , Cathy, and a son called Scott, who by the way became a Radio Announcer. Let me know what and whom you remember , would be nice to know !            Just a little tidbit from the past, I guess you got more than you bargained for with me ha, ha, ha !           Sweet_N_Gorgeous Anna

the lad MSN said...

Hi Just read what you said about going home.Remember the smell of the school(Bannantyne)and VHS. Also brings me back I had a Star route down that part of town. All the way down to May,River,Rushbrooke,LaSalle Blvd.and back up towards Hickson... Hope you guys always got your paper.Back in the 60's. Lad