Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dawson Workshop

A reminder that historian Kathryn Harvey Ph D. is holding a workshop at the Dawson Cultural Center this Wenesday evening February the 21st at 7 PM. Present will be Serge Durflinger, Author of  ``Fighting from Verdun`` who will participate in the workshop. Entry is free so the invitation is out to everyone.


metalman108 MSN said...


good information, i would want to be there
that area was my home back then.
i'll be in lindsay at that time, so i can't make it
i would like to meet serge durflinger
thank him for the work he has done
back then as little kids living on woodland
there was a jean durflinger
playing with us i wonder if that's jeans
younger brother.
the durflingers lived on wellington and corner
the top floor, the redmonds lived at the same building
ground floor.
i remember jean telling us his dad owned a army
surplus store?
if i was there i would ask if he had a older brother jean
then i know its jean younger brother.

guy5479 MSN said...

Metalman, Since I will be at the meeting, if possible I will ask him. Guy