Friday, January 26, 2007


We used to stand on the tables & sing CANADA as loud as we were able. The
Moustache was owned I believe by the same fellow that owned the Esquire Show
Bar. Place Pigalle was another place we used to frequent. I didn't
particular like to go to the Bars in LaSalle or surrounding areas. I Loved
the fun in Montreal, & the ride back from stateside or St Johns. I recall
the Go-Go GIRLS in the late sixties, they brought a lot of fun into the mix.
Did they change the name of PARK AV.? I'll tell you all the TRUTH, I never
would have left the Great City of Montreal in 1975 if it had remained the
same..... I chose to leave, but believe me I didn't want to... I still miss
my Great City.... But, we can never turn back time......


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