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Coolest Neighbourhood cont'd.......Verdun gets #11 in the World (that;s really just 2 # 1's right)


Urban beach in Verdun, Montreal
Photograph: Mathieu B. Morin

11. Verdun, Montreal

When the pandemic hit, this southern Montreal arrondissement was four days away from rolling out the tenth edition of one of its biggest parties: the urban lumberjack and sugar-shack festival Cabane Panache et Bois Rond. Instead, large banners announcing the event were left to dangle above the cold, empty streets. But when the time came for locals here to dust themselves off and go out again? Les Verdunoises did it with a massive display of local pride, making the most of the place they call home.

Crowds flocked as the main thoroughfare of Wellington Street was pedestrianised, allowing comfy perusals of restaurants’ long, street-side patios and independent retailers’ giant, summer-long outdoor sales. The opening of Verdun’s new urban beach made it a destination for people from across the city to escape blistering heatwaves. If a new business arrived, it was embraced with open arms – and, amazingly, more opened than closed. The street’s non-profit economic development organisation invited local musicians to play hot jazz and performers to put on dazzling marionette dances by day and by night. Even the street’s public parking garage found space on its top floor for a responsible open-air party spot.

If it wasn’t for masks, hand-sanitiser stations at every doorway and folks staying two metres apart from one another, a visitor would never have guessed that a pandemic was happening in the first place. Despite renewed lockdown restrictions hitting the city in October, Verdun’s continued rallying cry of local flavours, sights and sounds in the face of uncertainty demonstrates how Montreal – and cities everywhere – can and will get through this.—Jean-Pierre Karwacki, Time Out Montreal

Discover the neighbourhood:
đź“ŤThe thrift shops, outdoor film clubs and craft beer bars we can’t get enough of

One of the World's Coolest Neighbourhoods VERDUN (but we knew that .didn't we)


Photograph: Caroline Perron

Verdun, Montreal: The Ultimate Guide to the Neighbourhood

Your insider guide to the best things to do, restaurants and bars in one of Montreal's best neighbourhoods: Verdun.

By JP Karwacki

What’s the deal with Verdun?

This borough's got such a fresh feel to it that it's easy to forget it's one of Canada's oldest cities, sitting pretty at over 350 years old. Like any up-and-coming borough in Montreal, Verdun didn't always have the best reputation, but this place has seen leaps and bounds over the last decade. Looking at it now, it's no wonder it's one of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal: With strong #VerdunLuv community vibes, its main thoroughfare of Wellington Street decked in shops both practical and novel, a continually blossoming selection of restaurants and bars, and some of the best Montreal parks that run the lengths of the Saint-Lawrence River (plus its own beach to boot)? Verdun's got a strong character and location, and whether you live there or just popping in for a visit, it truly feels like a city-within-a-city—probably because it only officially merged with Montreal in 2002.

If you only do one thing

Spend a full day walking the length of its wide main street Wellington (or 'The Well' if you want to get cute about it). In the summer it becomes pedestrianized, allowing traffic by foot and bike to explore its all-in-one combo of thrift shops, bookstores, artisnal foods, zero-waste groceries, breweries and more before enjoying any of its restaurants' and bars' terrasses as they spill out over the road. If you visit in late summer, catch the Festival Marionnettes Plein la rue, where huge manned puppets wander the streets for everyone's entertainment.

Photograph: Caroline Perron


Go off the beaten track

Pack a picnic of pastries, fresh cheeses, breads and saussicons from Fromagerie Copette & Cie, grab a bike and follow the river: Starting from the corner of Rue Gilberte-DubĂ© and Boulevard GaĂ©tan Laberge and taking a right past the Ă‰cole secondaire Monseigneur-Richard, you'll be on a bike path that takes you through a total a seven parks along the Saint-Lawrence River, ending in the Des Rapides Park. It's a federal migratory bird sanctuary with 225 bird species, 66 fish species, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and rare plants, and home to the second-largest heron colony in QuĂ©bec; see you can spot them as they take flight from the rushing waters.

Photograph: Caroline Perron


On a sunny day

Nothing's better than hitting the beach in Verdun when it's summer, a free and public space for locals to gather and bury their feet in the sand from morning 'til night (plus a couple cans or bottles from the specialty beer shop MaltĂ©hops). Come winter, Arthur Therrien Park is the only place worth bringing the toboggan to for slipping and sliding, or your skates is you want to glide in circles.

On a rainy day

While the sun's up, pay a visit to the borough's municipal greenhouses, peruse bookshops or go digging in thrift shops big and small—if you're peckish, grab a bag of six sesame Montreal bagels from Bagel St-Lo or some brunch from the weekend hotshots at Well. By night—and if you're with friends—warm up by gathering around the grill of the all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ spot KUI; it's BYOB, and there's a dĂ©panneur across the street for cheap beers and wine (and an SAQ for nicer vintages a few blocks further). Nothing like filling up on some spicy and freshly-cooked off food and cold drinks as you wait for a downpour to end.

Get cultured

When the season is up and running, follow CinĂ©-Verdun—a locally-operated film screening group—and find out when they're projecting movies on church walls, community centres, and atop a parking garage on a pay-what-you-can basis for the public.

Speaking of that parking garage, if you're looking for something to do during the day? Check in with the borough's ongoing Camp Éthel project which repurposes that top level with DJ events, live bands, and general good times.

Photograph: Courtesy Promenade Wellington 

Stay up late

With all of the bars to grab rounds at, it's hard to believe that Verdun was a historically working-class area that was officially dry between the years of 1965 and 2010. Now, there's curated wines at Verdun Beach; craft beers by the pint or growler on the huge back terrasse of Benelux; cocktails and oysters during bumping DJ sets at Bar Palco; or dancing the night away at Bar Social Verdun with weekend 80s and 90s mixtapes while downing pitchers of bourbon lemonade. If you drink one too many, hit up Chevalier Blanc (4201 Rue de Verdun) for late night poutine, burgers and hot dogs.

Sit back, relax

If you want a good place to lose track of time, you've got two: Station W is a great place to grab coffees and light lunches not matter the time of year, while the one-two combo of Sweet Lee's Rustic Bakery and the Verdun outpost of Café Saint-Henri is where you go for a wide range of pastries and some of the best coffee in Montreal.

If you want to explore even more of the city

Verdun's one of the few boroughs in town that sports three metro stations: LaSalle, De L'Église and Verdun, all of which are on the Green Line. If it's summer or early fall and you want some fresh air, grab a BIXI and enjoy easy access to the city.

What else is nearby?

Head north and you'll soon be at the meeting grounds of Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy, the site of Atwater Market—one of the best farmers markets in Montreal— plus some of Montreal's most famous (read: pricey) restaurants and the Lachine Canal. 

The best of things to do, eating, drinking, and having fun in Verdun

Restaurant Pigor
Photograph: Restaurant Pigor / @restaurantpigor

The best restaurants in Verdun

With a strong surrounding community to support them, more and more choice restaurants have been joining the wide selection in the borough. You can find just about anything—and really, we mean anything—to eat here. There are classic diners like Pierrette Patates and Restaurant Bingo; the fine dining of chef Ari Schor's Beba, the chic Italian all-rounder Rita, and the French-forward bistro work of Pigor; Haitian creations from Kwizinn and the Mauritian eats Les DĂ©lices De L'Ile Maurice; and unique regional Chinese dishes from Hong Mère. And that's just scratching the surface.

Photograph: Daphné Caron

The best bars in Verdun

Ever since the borough started to allow bars to open without requiring patrons to eat food in order to drink, itsSeems like every passing year yields another good place to grab a cocktail, pint, or glass of privately imported wine in Verdun. Find beer gardens, Irish pubs, beachy rooftops, classic dives, backdoor slot machine hubs and more right here.

International Jazz Festival stage in Verdun, Montreal
Photograph: Alexanne Brisson

The best things to do in Verdun

Every borough worth its salt in Montreal needs to check off certain boxes. Can they talk up how they've got a street sale going on? How about free activities for the kids? Do festivals happen there? What cultural events for music, open-air cinemas, gardening workshops and places go canoeing on the river? Read it and weep: It's all here.

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Not Verdun But You Can See Verdun from

Just a couple of shots from the old Decarie Blvd , maybe I'll find some Upper Lachine Rd shots too Just got to know It's Cott to be Good


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Verdun from days gone by

I am starting to come across old photos (I am sure we posted these years ago) on some of my old devices,external hd's etc, that I am fairly certain may provide us with a lot of the 'missing' photos that didn't seem to all make the transition from the old VC site on both MSN Groups and the Multiply site, I will try to post them as I find them (if I can) but for now here are a few.........

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A different view

Same focal point (the Church at Church Av)  but from the other end of Wellington.
Enjoy the visitback in time for this one.

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Instant Recognition

As soon as I saw this shot in today's Gazette , I thought I would share it here for us.

  A nice and quick visit to Verdun,.........hope it prompts some good old memories from it.